I am a lady and expect to be treated as such. Do not disrespect me, show me respect and I will treat you like a king. When you call me, do not ask silly questions about sex, because I won't answer them. I am always polite when speaking on the phone, but I do not discuss my sessions through emails or the phone.

My time is limited and important to me, please do not waste it. If you schedule a session with me, please show up. If you do not show nor call, I will refuse to see you in the future.

When scheduling a session with me, please be willing to give your real name, phone number and have ID ready to show me when you arrive. This is not only for my protection, but yours. I am a very private person and discretion is the utmost importance to me and should be to you.

I am always freshly showered and have great hygiene, I expect the same from my clients.

NEVER NEVER NEVER make me ask for my session fee. There should never be a reason for me to ask for my fee. It should be placed out for me to see.

If you would like to use me as a reference, please contact me first to inform me that you'll be doing so. If you fail do to so, I will not give a reference as I do not know who she is. Please note that if its been over 6 months since our initial visit, I will not give a reference for you. Please respect my wishes on these matters as you will find that most ladies of my caliber do the same.

Last but not least, when you come to my incall location, please respect it and treat it better then you would treat your own home. If you make a mess, clean it up or at least tell me about it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How big is your cage? What's the longest time spent in the cage?
    My cage is large enough for a large male and I don't spend time in the cage. The longest time a male slave has spent in the cage is 48 hours.
  2. Not listed?,me confined in cage/cell,compelled bi action???
    Yes, I am able to offer that service. I will need to know about it at least two days in advance though to arrange the setup of my cage.
  3. Do you offer fetish wrestling, smother and/or headscissors?
    With the exception of wrestling.....yes. That's something that needs to be discussed beforehand though. You can't just show up and expect that happen.
  4. Screening process for someone hasn't been with a professional?
    If you haven't visited with an escort/courtesan/provider before then I ask that you join P411 which is a verification site or you can do a work verification with me. Please keep in mind that any and all information that is given to me is destroyed within minutes of getting the OK.
  5. If I am a newbie how do I go about the screening procces?
    All you have to do is give me a call and we can discuss it. Its fairly simple and harmless, I promise not to hurt you. >wink<
  6. How do you feel about msog?
    I'm sorry, but I do not discuss how my time is spent BCD. I don't think you would be disappointed.
  7. What is a reliable provider reference?
    That would be a provider who has reviews, a website, she advertises on some of the more popular/high traffic websites. She's a provider who is established. I do not take references from girls who only advertises on CL or BP.
  8. Do you allow DFK or LFK?
    All depends on the person. If they have fresh breath and good hygiene.....yes.
  9. Do you take paypal?
    Sorry, no I do not. Its not a smart thing to leave such a paper trail in this business. Plus, PayPal has a habit of keeping monies that they deem to be used in the adult industry.
  10. Do you like anal action?
    Sorry, but I do not.
  11. Do you offer two girl?
    Yes I do. But, I ask that you give me as much notice as you can so we can all arrange our schedules to a time that works best for all involved.
  12. What do you do about newbies?
    Well, I think you do I handle a newbie's first session? I handle him with kid gloves and take my time. My answer to this is long and quite detailed, so I'll refrain from posting it and ask that the newbie give me a call so I can explain everything to him. I am honored that a newbie would choose me to be his first provider, he'll get special attention.
  13. What's your screening process?
    Well, I ask for two realible provider references and/or if you're verified on one of the sites. This keeps me safe and also, it keeps you safe. I will make exceptions to this rule at my discretion.
  14. Do I need a reference to see you?
    Yes, please refer to the question above.
  15. Can I have the password for pics?
    Thanks, but I already answered that question for someone else below.....take a look.
  16. May I have the password for the pictures?
    Sure, once you call me and/or provide a reference so I know who you are. My pictures are private and they show full body and face. I have to be very careful who sees those pictures, I'm a VERY discreet lady. If I have seen you before, email me and I'll be happy to give the password to you. I hope you understand.
  17. Do you use a strap on?
    Good question, and my answer would be this. I do not discuss my sessions without knowing who you are and if you have been verified.
  18. When you travel, do you accept same day calls?
    My rule when traveling is I only accept pre-booked sessions. That way I know how to schedule my time and keep my clients happy. But, please keep in mind that you're more then happy call and if I do have the time, I would be more than happy to see you.
  19. Will you travel with me or for me?
    Twist my arm, please.....twist it. Yes, I'd love to travel with you. I adore traveling, but keep in mind that you have to cover all expenses (gas, food, lodging, airfare, car rental, etc) including my session fees. If I'm traveling to come visit you, please call me to discuss this.
  20. What if I have to cancel my appt with you?
    I would strongly suggest that you call me ASAP to let me know you have to cancel. NEVER EVER do a no-call, no-show. If you do that then your chances of seeing me again are slim to none. I do understand that there are circumstances that we cannot avoid, but calling me as soon as you know is your best bet. If you'd like to avoid cancellation fees, visit my rate page.
  21. Do you ever do outcalls?
    Of course I do, I would love the chance to come to you.
  22. Do you see couples?
    Of course, I enjoy the sight and touch of a woman's body probably more then men do.
  23. Do you accept tips?
    Sure, I appreciate any token of your generousity. But, keep in mind that you do not have to tip me.
  24. Do you upsell?
    Never. If you're looking for something special and it is an additional cost to me, I will let you know upfront. Once you get in the door, I will never ask for more money.